About you

When engaging in cross-border business, you will be confronted with decisive questions and your answers will have a decisive impact on the success of your business not only abroad but also at home.

1. You own or manage a company and you want to develop business in Belgium

  • Which VAT- and/or import-rules apply when I want to start selling my products or services in Belgium ?
  • Does it make a difference if I use direct import or over a Belgian permanent establishment ?
  • Which are the pros and cons of doing business in Belgium ?
  • Which are the tax consequences of my Belgian business on my company and personal tax at home ?
  • Are there any Double Tax Treaties between my home country and Belgium, and if so, how can I benefit from them ?
  • Do I incur any tax liabilities in Belgium when I am shareholder or director of a Belgian company, even when I have my domicile abroad ?
  • Is there any difference if it is only a permanent establishment on Belgian territory ?
  • Do I need to take into account the 183 days-rule ?

BTH can provide you with the answers to all these questions and any others which might arise with only one goal : making sure your route to success is not early aborted by legal mishaps. Contact us to see where we can assist you and which obligations we can even take over.


2. You are already present on the Belgian market but you would like to grow

  • Which are the thresholds for the application of Belgian taxation ?
  • When do I have to incorporate a taxable permanent establishment ?
  • Can I benefit tax-wise from incorporating a Belgian limited company ?
  • Which tax, social security and employment rules do I have to take into account as employer with cross-border employment, especially in case of posting of employees ?
  • What is the LIMOSA-declaration and what is the difference with the ConstruBadge ?

Save yourself the time and energy… and possibly the extra costs. Contact us to arrange everything for you.