Guido Hennes

Licensed accountant / Tax Advisor

+32 (0)87 56 16 70
+32 (0)87 56 16 40
Guido Hennes

Guido Hennes studied at the Catholic University of Leuven and graduated as a tax lawyer specialist. Thereon he worked for five years with the Belgian Ministry of Finances / Tax office inspection. Needless to say that Guido can use this experience to help his clients avoid tax issues before they arise. Other than this, Guido is an expert in (cross-border) financial bookkeeping and balance sheet preparation, including all questions in relation to Belgian tax rules and ruling by the authorities.

As licensed accountant, Guido is a member of the Institut Professionnel des Comptables et Fiscalistes Agréés (IPCF) / Beroepsinstituut van Erkende Boekhouders en Fiscalisten (BIBF).

Guido speaks four languages.



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