Our Services

Cross-border transactions can create – often complex – administrative, legal and tax issues.

BTH can assist you with overcoming these obstacles and lets you concentrate on what you do best: business!


  • Tax & legal services
  • Contact with administration
  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Establishing your company
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Transport & logistics


Tax & legal services

Our specialists can provide you with proper advice when it comes to VAT, International Tax Law and Social Security Law. For instance, advice on compliance of mandatory tax regulations, yet also the fiscal adjustment of Your activities.


Contact with administration

We are able to have direct contact with the administration and to give feedback in your own language. We can represent you with requesting permits and handling the necessary declarations.


Bookkeeping and accounting

Conducting business across the border can be complex. We provide quality work concerning the settlement of your Belgian accounting obligations and declarations. With our experience and knowledge, You can be sure that it will be done properly.


Setting up of your company

We can advise you in the development of your activities. Our professionals will find the best legal solution and provide a desired outcome. Exploiting your activities in Belgium through a legal entity, becomes a reality.


Mergers & acquisitions

You wish to sell your company or buy a company? Based on our international experience we can hand down contiguous cross-border solutions. We will assist you the entire way, starting from the due diligence investigation.


Transport & logistics

It´s a fact that transport and logistics form an extraordinary industry. We believe it´s important that you receive distinctive counseling regarding legal (CMR) and tax (VAT) matters. We have the knowledge to assist you properly.