One should always bear in mind the mandatory VAT rules when executing commercial transactions. The Belgian VAT authorities are notorious for very rigorous controlling and handing out considerable fines for the smallest errors. Both companies and their directors should therefore not underestimate the importance of complying with the VAT rules, especially in regard to crossborder transactions. As these VAT rules are highly technical and complex, you will need specialists to assist you, like BTH.

  • Proceedings, training and compliance
  • Filing / Contact to VAT authorities



In which country does the VAT service or VAT delivery take place? Does import VAT apply? What is the taxable amount for VAT? Is VAT reverse charge possible? And what about triangular intra-Community transactions? Which VAT formalities need to be filled out? Under which conditions is my invoice correct and complete for the VAT authorities?

International transactions, intra-Community transactions and import raise many important VAT issues. Every question has also a very specific answer. BTH provides you with those answers which apply to your situation.


Proceedings, training and compliance

BTH can assist you throughout the whole VAT transaction proceedings, providing you support and advice where needed. BTH transforms your problem into a solution. You like to work proactive? Ask us for our offers concerning VAT training and compliance for your company and staff.


Filing / Contact with the authorities

We will represent you before the VAT authorities and safeguard your legal and commercial interests. We will take care of the necessary registrations, formalities and filings. We consider it as our task to guide you through the complexity… taking the fastest route.